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About Us

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David Shuler the founder of POP property services comes from a lineage of craftsman in his family tree. He has been working primarily in the higher end design and construction world for the past 14 years. He has been active in the design community and has even served on both Seattle chapters of the NWSID (Northwest Society of Interior Designers) and the ICAA (Institute of Classical Art and Architecture) organization's boards. He is one who appreciates modern design but is a champion of traditional architecture. He brings the design-focused approach that he has learned from being part of some of the most exclusive properties across the country to a practical vision of what your home can be. His favorite part of the process is the final reveal and the anticipation of the best offers possible for the property. 

Design is not a Dirty word

Great design is not exclusive to higher-end homes and the pages of Architectural Digest. Great design is mindful, current, both traditional and modern. When played correctly this design enjoys an emotional connection. It is these emotional connections and the power of re-storying your home that a buyer connects with, as it is something greater than logic – it is a feeling. A feeling of home and the potential dreams and joys of a happy place. 

We help build and create happy places that bring happy buyers to build happy relationships. 

Its not what you say it is what you do.

 We are not just a team of craftspeople. Ultimately we are a service organization that improves the quality of life for others and the communities where we work. We strive to build relationships that support our vision of Happy homes and Happy relationships with integrity in both craft and business to bring our clients the best return on what may be the most significant investment of their life.