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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

POP remodeled laundry room with vintage sink and subway tile

When working with new customers or select real estate agents in the pacific northwest we like to have an initial 30 minute consultation to learn about your goals and understand how we can best help .  During this initial consultation we also discuss our transparent and communicative process to give you the best value for our efforts. We do not charge for this initial consultation. 

What do you charge?


Every project and client relationship is unique. We have made clients happy for just a few hours of work and we have had projects that can be 1-5% of the overall listing price of their home.  While the initial cost is an important factor, the more important focus is on the current market rate of your home prior to the investment in our services as related to the potential value after our services are completed.  We want you to benefit from the value and craft we provide in our services because that is where we get our greatest satisfaction. Think of us as a partner in flipping your house.

How soon can you start?


The client's property we are working on today is the most important project of the day. We want yours to be the next in line so it can then be the next most important project. We try our best to focus our efforts on just a few homes every day as even we have fallen prey to contractors that show up for an hour or two each day and it feels like nothing is getting done and your project is just not that important.  We want each customer we are working with to feel like a priority. Because of this we may not be able to schedule you as quickly as you might like but ... when we get there - you will be treated like a priority.